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pasta di bronzo Braccialetto e resina colorata

pasta di bronzo Braccialetto e resina colorata

Passo a passo :

Let's get into bronze clay jewels creation for original creations ! We thank Aya Lovely Jewelry for this new and original tutorial which allows us to discover resin utilisation. STEP 1 : Oil your anti-adhesive working table and your roller too. Then spread a ball of Prometheus white bronze clay of about 1mm thick. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 2 : Thanks to those Wooden Stamps press on the clay until you get a beautiful print. Don't press to much, you must not get through the clay ! The goal is to create a curved shape in order to put coloured resin later. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 3 : Cut your prints with pastry cutters. You need at least 6 pieces about 2,5 centimeter long. Then let it dry. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 4 : Thanks to grind'n'polish micro meshes sand your pieces'sides. Don't do it on the front of your pieces because you must not erase the shapes you've created. End it by piercing holes thanks to a manual drilling tool, at the edges of your oval shapes. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 5 : Exfold the binder by putting your shapes on a stainless steel grid and in a Prometheus oven. (500° C during 10min). Then bake your pieces on coconut coal (A layer about 2cm thick) in a stainless steel container. Then put coconut coal over your pieces until they completely disappear. Put in your oven at 770°C during 2 hours). bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 6 : Put your pieces on a rubber block then brush quickly your pieces with a Steelbrush. Sand it thanks to a rotative brush. Stay careful during those steps because white bronze is particularly fragile, you must respect it ! bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 7 : Take a resin kit to begin, inside there is everything you need: resin, measures, hardener, and even gloves ! Do your different mixes with the colours you like. I chose blue and pink (I mixed yellow and red to have pink). bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 8 : After cleaning your pieces'front with a cotton bud soaked with rubbing alcohol, put the resin in your shapes. It's a meticulous job, help yourself with a tooth-stick or the head of a knitting needle in order to carry the resin. Once done, let it dry 24 hours. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 9 : Hang your pieces together with stainless steel rings. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 10 : Check your wrist size and add the length of chain you need in order to close it with a lobster claw clasp. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 11 : Decorate the end of your chain with a coloured bead. bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine STEP 12 : To protect your bracelet, varnish it on both sides bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine bracelet_pâte_bronze_resine Your bracelet is done ! Congrat's ! We like to see what you've made thank's to our Perles&Co Tutorials. So go on and send us your creations on our Facebook Page !

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