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Tutorials / Tessitura di perle / Brickstitch and Peyote Parrot

Brickstitch and Peyote Parrot

Brickstitch and Peyote Parrot

Passo a passo :


You want to use two bead weaving technique? And make a beautiful parrot pendant or pin? With Clapiottes et Loupiotte, it's possible .


Here the colour chart to follow:


Step 1 : 

This weaving requires two weaving techniques: brick-stich and peyote.

Start with  brickstitch at the  line shown with a black arrow on the diagram above .


Step  2 : 

Go one till the bird's beak.

Choose a front side and a back side and respect it till the end , so you thread again on the back side. 


Step 3 : 

Take some new thread and do a brick stitch for the back and the feathers of teh parrot , line afer line following the diagram .





You have seen that the base of the parrot is right there you beginn teh peyote weaving .



Step  4 : 

You have tho hide some thread between the bead before your start. Follow the diagram 

Here the result after some rows …



Step5 : 

At the end of the row  

  1. you thread the last bead  ,
  2. turn back in your work,
  3. return the needle  making a triangle and so you come back in the bead you have first thread  (nothing is shown). You go on weaving .


Here a step by step explanation with photos  




And you go on with the peyote weaving.


Step 6 : 

Few rows later you continue in the lower part of the parrot's body 

Reduction: do not add beads , thread in the beads of the row below  :



After some few rows here the result : 





Step 7 : 

Peyote weavind is done

You finish your parrot (left) with brickstitch because this weaving method is used to stiffen the structure (the peyote stitch is it more flexible).

Weave in brichstitch along the tail of the parrot to finish this side . You will only have the legs to finish.


Step8 : 

For the legs  : start in the brown bead  (hide your thread in some beads) you do tehm in brickstitch  .

Your weaving is finished, you can cut the excess thread behind and glue it..


Copyright @clapiottes_et _loupiotte per Perles & Co - 2016.

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